Tunnel Beach, NZ

This place is stunning. It is close in Dunedin, the southern part of New Zealand. Credits to my husband for taking this photo

(Interesting Info from dunedinnz.com)

It feels like you are in a Victorian novel and visit the stunning and evocative Tunnel Beach, where in the 1870’s John Cargill, a son of Captain William Cargill, excavated a tunnel down to a secluded beach so that the Cargill families could bathe in privacy away from the prying eyes of St Clair. The beach has massive sandstone boulders, mysterious graffiti carved into the cliffs and a dangerous rip that sadly drowned Cargill’s youngest daughter.


Tips when going on a Road trip with small kids

The gift of adventure is one of the best things that you can give your child/children.

These are the things that I find important when travelling as a family

Road trips

  • Pack one bag of toys and books
  • Snacks to nibble
  • Extra shoes, jacket and clothes
  • If you have small kids, play with them with “I spy with my eyes” or Connect my word game. Search the net for ideas
  • First aid kit
  • Prep some food for picnic
  • Stop every couple of hours and play with them. Find a park when possible or a cafe or river
  • Let them have a nice sleep at night
  • We take some cold milk and food with us so we can save time going to grocery store. We’ll use the time to rest. Most hotels have fridge so it’s perfect.

Long flights

  • Extra clothes
  • In my bag that I can easily access: extra socks, some small shape maker, tissue, hand sanitiser
  • Let them wear comfy clothes and use layering
  • Medicine (Vicks, Pain reliever)

Hooker Valley, Mt Cook

It’s the first week of winter in New Zealand. We were lucky to experience the first snowfall. Our kids enjoyed walking up to the Suspension Bridge. There are so many options to visit in this place, some tourists can see the glacial ice, fly and go to the mountain or walk all the way up. We tried the 40 mins return walk and it was magical. We stayed at Hermitage Hotel and the beautiful mountains can be viewed from our room. Our kids enjoyed catching and eating the snow while walking.