Hooker Valley, Mt Cook

It’s the first week of winter in New Zealand. We were lucky to experience the first snowfall. Our kids enjoyed walking up to the Suspension Bridge. There are so many options to visit in this place, some tourists can see the glacial ice, fly and go to the mountain or walk all the way up. We tried the 40 mins return walk and it was magical. We stayed at Hermitage Hotel and the beautiful mountains can be viewed from our room. Our kids enjoyed catching and eating the snow while walking. 


Lake Tekapo

Before we went to Mt Cook Village, we stopped to one of our favourite places in South, the Lake Tekapo. Brielle was playing with her brother with the stones, they were throwing it to the lake, making a tower and using the big rock as their pretend bed. They realised that if the they throw a small stone, it goes far but makes a small splash. If they used big stone, it makes a big splash. Sydney laughs every time the stone breaks into pieces.
These are the things that we usually do when we are in this place

  • Chase the wild bunnies
  • Play beside the lake
  • Read books
  • Go to Mt John
  • Ride bike
  • Play around the lake
  • Swimming at the hot pool
  • We wanted to try the star gazing at night but the kids are not allowed yet
  • Photography of the beautiful landscapes. It is beautiful during summer because of the flowers, it’s magical when it’s cloudy, the combination of the clouds and lake is perfect and its colourful when it is sunny and beautiful trees around.


NZ Road Trip

For the next four days we are going around the lower side of South Island. 

Day 1

  • Timaru 
  • Hampden 
  • Dunedin-Otago Museum

Day 2

  • Dunedin- Cadbury Chocolate factory
  • Dunedin-Larnarch castle 
  • Dunedin-Chinese garden
  • Queenstown

Day 3 

  • Queenstown luge
  • Queenstown garden

Day 4

  • Arrowtown
  • Lake Pukaki
  • Lake Tekapo

Here are some of the photos from our trip

Things that we really like about this road trip

  • Chasing the bunny
  • Finding the 8 rosters at Dunedin Chinese Garden
  • Ride the luge! It was fun
  • Eat Filipino food
  • Jumping on the beds
  • Playing at Moeraki Boulders 
  • Playing “I spy ” inside the car
  • Swimming at Tekapo hot springs
  • Mince and cheese pie
  • Making a tower out of small stones
  • Throwing stones at the lake 
  • Finding mushrooms in the woods
  • Playing at the playground
  • Chocolate factory tour, we’ve received lots of chocolates
  • Playing at Dunedin train station 
  • We’ve got gem stones
  • Play at Queenstown garden
  • Walk and cross the Arrow River
  • Ride scooter 


  • Dunedin -we really like the space and the quality of the apartment. It’s at the centre of the cbd
  • Queenstown- probably won’t be back because of the location. It was a nice place though
  • Lake Tekapo- it’s at the centre of the CBD, easy access, not so fancy, cheap and nice buffet breakfast

How did we manage to travel without letting the kids play with the ipad or watch movie

  • We played I spy with <funny description of the eyes> something like
  • Let them play with some of the unused toys from their room
  • Stop a lot and play chasing or at the playground 
  • Let them sleep
  • Make bahay bahayan 
  • Gave Zade an encyclopedia 
  • Gave Brielle some noisy toys 

How did we keep up with unpredictable weather change

  • Layering
  • Took different types of jacket, shoes, hats and jerseys

We need to only have one bag for everything 

  • Took the one big luggage and put lots of mini bags inside to separate the used ones, toiletress, swimming gears and others

Gold Coast

It was our first time visit Gold Coast. We had an amazing time, my son was crying out loud when we were at the airport on the way home:) cause he wanted us to live in this place. His excuse is me and his dad can work from home.

We stayed for 5 days and these are the places that we went to

  • MovieWorld- 2days visit
  • SeaWorld-1 full day and few hours for 4days
  • Paradise Country-half day
  • Brisbane visit-one day
  • Wet n Wild-half day

Things that we really like

  • Watching sunrise everyday at the beach
  • Our five day stay at SeaWorld resort
  • Fresh cooked juicy prawns at fisherman’s coop
  • All the characters and Parade at MovieWorld. Cat woman is so sexy and gorgeous
  • Feeding the kangaroo, mining gold, mining gem stones and holding a huggable koala
  • Breakfast at the Sky Point tower, what a stunning view and yummy buffet
  • Breakfast buffet at SeaWorld Resort
  • Brisbane museum, park and the city
  • Spa at swimming pool at SeaWorld
  • Play at the sand every morning with my kids
  • Saw a whale at the seaside one morning
  • Daily pictorial with all the surprise characters at SeaWorld Resort every 9am
  • It feels like it was only us at the beach, there are few people but not as many as the beaches in Asia 

Some photos at the beach

Some of the photos at fisherman’s Coop

Some photos at SeaWorld Resort


The garden city of New Zealand. For our friends who are visiting this city for a day for few these are the ideas

1. If you like to see the top view of the city, ride the gondola

2. There is a life size Noah’s ark beside the cliff

3. If you like planes, visit Air Force Museum

4. Visit the CBD: go to Canterbury Museum, Hagley Park, Botanical Garden, find the green big chair, all the paintings from different buildings, art museum and ride the boat 

5. For a quite park, visit Monavale

6. You can walk on a bush at the middle of the city. Go to Riccarton Bush inn. Every Saturday morning they have market there.

7. Feed the lion, cow, lamb and giraffe at Orana Park

8. Check some kiwi birds at Willow bank

9. If you like just to drink coffee beside the beach visit sumner beach or new Brighton

10. If you like climbing, visit the Adrenalin Forest

11. If you love chocolate, drive through the mountains and check She Chocolat

12. If you like walking, try the Taylor’s mistake or rapaki bay

13. If you’ve got kids, let them enjoy at The parks.  The Margaret Mahy Family Playground is the largest Playground in the Southern Hemisphere. 

Here are some of the snap shots of the city 

Spring time at Hagley park



Lights show

Hagley Park

Castle Hill

We decided to celebrate my birthday by going to this place. I love nature, same as the kids and my husband. So we left home at 11 and arrived here at around 1pm.


I stopped cause my daughter wanted something and when I went back to the driver side I saw this view and took a snap shot


We always go to this place as its only 1 hr and 20mins drive from home.My kids enjoyed looking for different shapes in the rock formations. They said “mum I can an elephant, I can see a dolphin but it looks like a frog to me”

Art or nature 

On the way you’ll see this. It’s amazing how this place was formed

Strong feet

My kids walked all the way up. They were excited to see more shapes


We found a good spot at the top so can have lunch. This big rock stops the wind and we can see the view.

They found their mini hole and called it their own “Bahay Bahay” or mini house.

Kids explored their creativity by imagining on what shapes they can see, they climbed to the easy part and rolled. Just seeing them like this just simply makes me happy. 

A good place for hide and seek


My son rolled all the way down

This is one of the places where “Narnia” movie was taken

No fees to pay and even parking is free

1 hr and 20mins drive to Christchurch