Castle Hill

We decided to celebrate my birthday by going to this place. I love nature, same as the kids and my husband. So we left home at 11 and arrived here at around 1pm.


I stopped cause my daughter wanted something and when I went back to the driver side I saw this view and took a snap shot


We always go to this place as its only 1 hr and 20mins drive from home.My kids enjoyed looking for different shapes in the rock formations. They said “mum I can an elephant, I can see a dolphin but it looks like a frog to me”

Art or nature 

On the way you’ll see this. It’s amazing how this place was formed

Strong feet

My kids walked all the way up. They were excited to see more shapes


We found a good spot at the top so can have lunch. This big rock stops the wind and we can see the view.

They found their mini hole and called it their own “Bahay Bahay” or mini house.

Kids explored their creativity by imagining on what shapes they can see, they climbed to the easy part and rolled. Just seeing them like this just simply makes me happy. 

A good place for hide and seek


My son rolled all the way down

This is one of the places where “Narnia” movie was taken

No fees to pay and even parking is free

1 hr and 20mins drive to Christchurch