Wigwam Motel

The idea of cozy cone motel operated by Sally from Pixar “Cars” movie comes from the Wigwam motel. It was a surprise trip as we didn’t plan to come here. The artist from McDo Museum (1st McDo site) told us to visit this place. It’s amazing because they are still operating up to now. This place was built around 1930s. 
We went inside since we were curious how an 80 year place looks like. 


Disneyland, LA

It’s a magical place that even adults would love to come. The whole day is not enough to see everything and enjoy it at your own pace. You just have to pick your most preferred characters. These are our family’s favourites

  • Day Parade
  • Night Parade
  • Fireworks
  • Seeing Micky mouse and mini mouse houses, it was amazing to see the real size furnitures. It feels like we went to their program. 
  • Star Wars
  • Meeting the princesses
  • Getting hugs from all the characters 
  • Pineapple smoothie yum!
  • Pres. Lincoln show, wow it looks real
  • All the shops, it’s hard to choose on what to buy. 

Universal Studios Hollywood 

We love going to this place every time we visit LA. It’s a magical place for us. These are the things that we like about this place

  • Meet the Transformers 
  • Check Harry Potter’s store and his car
  • The Minion House and real size minions 
  • The tour
  • Real movie show
  • The place that they used for different movies, it’s fascinating how they made the place like real.
  • The fake flood
  • The dancing car (this one is gone on our last visit) 
  • All the characters
  • They have a nice cafe, I love the food