Lake Tekapo

Before we went to Mt Cook Village, we stopped to one of our favourite places in South, the Lake Tekapo. Brielle was playing with her brother with the stones, they were throwing it to the lake, making a tower and using the big rock as their pretend bed. They realised that if the they throw a small stone, it goes far but makes a small splash. If they used big stone, it makes a big splash. Sydney laughs every time the stone breaks into pieces.
These are the things that we usually do when we are in this place

  • Chase the wild bunnies
  • Play beside the lake
  • Read books
  • Go to Mt John
  • Ride bike
  • Play around the lake
  • Swimming at the hot pool
  • We wanted to try the star gazing at night but the kids are not allowed yet
  • Photography of the beautiful landscapes. It is beautiful during summer because of the flowers, it’s magical when it’s cloudy, the combination of the clouds and lake is perfect and its colourful when it is sunny and beautiful trees around.



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