4 days Road Trip South Island

For the next four days we are going around the lower side of South Island.

Day 1

  • Timaru
  • Hampden
  • Dunedin-Otago Museum

Day 2

  • Dunedin- Cadbury Chocolate factory
  • Dunedin-Larnarch castle
  • Dunedin-Chinese garden
  • Queenstown

Day 3

  • Queenstown luge
  • Queenstown garden

Day 4

  • Arrowtown
  • Lake Pukaki
  • Lake Tekapo

Here are some of the photos from our trip

Things that we really like about this road trip

  • Chasing the bunny
  • Finding the 8 rosters at Dunedin Chinese Garden
  • Ride the luge! It was fun
  • Eat Filipino food
  • Jumping on the beds
  • Playing at Moeraki Boulders
  • Playing “I spy ” inside the car
  • Swimming at Tekapo hot springs
  • Mince and cheese pie
  • Making a tower out of small stones
  • Throwing stones at the lake
  • Finding mushrooms in the woods
  • Playing at the playground
  • Chocolate factory tour, we’ve received lots of chocolates
  • Playing at Dunedin train station
  • We’ve got gem stones
  • Play at Queenstown garden
  • Walk and cross the Arrow River
  • Ride scooter


  • Dunedin -we really like the space and the quality of the apartment. It’s at the centre of the cbd
  • Queenstown- probably won’t be back because of the location. It was a nice place though
  • Lake Tekapo- it’s at the centre of the CBD, easy access, not so fancy, cheap and nice buffet breakfast

How did we manage to travel without letting the kids play with the ipad or watch movie

  • We played I spy with <funny description of the eyes> something like
  • Let them play with some of the unused toys from their room
  • Stop a lot and play chasing or at the playground
  • Let them sleep
  • Make bahay bahayan
  • Gave Zade an encyclopedia
  • Gave Brielle some noisy toys

How did we keep up with unpredictable weather change

  • Layering
  • Took different types of jacket, shoes, hats and jerseys

We need to only have one bag for everything

  • Took the one big luggage and put lots of mini bags inside to separate the used ones, toiletress, swimming gears and others

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