The garden city of New Zealand. For our friends who are visiting this city for a day for few these are the ideas

1. If you like to see the top view of the city, ride the gondola

2. There is a life size Noah’s ark beside the cliff

3. If you like planes, visit Air Force Museum

4. Visit the CBD: go to Canterbury Museum, Hagley Park, Botanical Garden, find the green big chair, all the paintings from different buildings, art museum and ride the boat 

5. For a quite park, visit Monavale

6. You can walk on a bush at the middle of the city. Go to Riccarton Bush inn. Every Saturday morning they have market there.

7. Feed the lion, cow, lamb and giraffe at Orana Park

8. Check some kiwi birds at Willow bank

9. If you like just to drink coffee beside the beach visit sumner beach or new Brighton

10. If you like climbing, visit the Adrenalin Forest

11. If you love chocolate, drive through the mountains and check She Chocolat

12. If you like walking, try the Taylor’s mistake or rapaki bay

13. If you’ve got kids, let them enjoy at The parks.  The Margaret Mahy Family Playground is the largest Playground in the Southern Hemisphere. 

Here are some of the snap shots of the city 

Spring time at Hagley park



Lights show

Hagley Park


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